DePaul University

Teaching and learning are our priorities at DePaul. That might seem obvious, but we're the largest private university whose faculty members' priority is teaching. We're also the nation's largest Catholic university — and we're committed to an educational experience that weaves together mind, place, people and heart.

DePaul has more than 300 undergraduate majors and graduate programs, so chances are good we have what you’re looking for. Many of our professors work in Chicago as consultants, researchers and entrepreneurs, and incorporate their experiences in the classroom.

DePaul has one campus in Chicago’s business district and another in Lincoln Park. Chicago itself is an ideal classroom—and we take full advantage of it.

  • Thousands of internship opportunities
  • More than 125,500 alumni in the metro area
  • Connections that impact your education and career opportunities

You’ll actually get to know your professors. 97 percent of all classes are taught by faculty members—not teaching assistants.

  • Fewer than 40 students in the average class
  • Faculty will know your name, concerns and goals

Everyone isn’t the same here. And that’s good. By nurturing diversity and intentionally incorporating multiple viewpoints into academic and student life, you’ll have a learning experience that better reflects—and prepares you for—the world.

Our students come from 49 states and 136 countries

As an innovative Catholic, Vincentian university anchored in the global city of Chicago, DePaul supports the integral human development of its students. The university does so through its commitment to outstanding teaching, academic excellence, real world experience, community engagement, and systemic change. DePaul prepares graduates to be successful in their chosen fields and agents of transformation throughout their lives. 

Guided by an ethic of Vincentian personalism and professionalism?, DePaul compassionately upholds the dignity of all members of its diverse, multi-faith, and inclusive community. Through education and research, the university addresses the great questions of our day, promoting peaceful, just, and equitable solutions to social and environmental challenges. Since its founding in 1898, DePaul University has remained dedicated to making education accessible to all, with special attention to including underserved and underrepresented communities.



$249,000,000: Our investment in your success

Access and attainability are in our DNA. With our new State Scholar Plus scholarship, we are as affordable as the premier public university in Illinois. Better yet, we base our scholarship awards on a history of achievement, not on a single test or moment. Here, we believe that hard work pays off.

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