Whitecliffe College of Art & Design

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design is a private training establishment in New Zealand.

Founded in 1983, Whitecliffe College was established as a fine arts, design and fashion school in Auckland by artist Greg Whitecliffe and Michele Whitecliffe in 1983.

New Zealand educator Feroz Ali acquired Whitecliffe, NZ Fashion Tech, and computer Power Plus in 2018, and merged these institutions in 2019.

Whitecliffe College currently offers programmes across Fine Arts, Design Innovation, Fashion + Sustainability, Jewellery, Information Technology and Creative Arts Therapies.

Whitecliffe College has six campuses across New Zealand, including four in Auckland. The main campus is located on Symonds Street, the education hub of Auckland City. The other Auckland campuses are in Manukau City, Epsom and New Lynn.


Highlights/Why Us


Whitecliffe College is one of New Zealand’s highest ranked and awarded research institutions in the private sector and has a long-standing record of academic excellence.

Creativity is curious, innovation is brave, and both are needed to create meaningful change.??

Everyone has a vision that is uniquely theirs, a lens through which they see the world, interpret the world, and in turn, help shape the world. At Whitecliffe, we nurture that vision, and we equip you with the skills, techniques and methods to make your vision a reality. ??Studying at Whitecliffe will help you become a stand-out thinker, innovator, and collaborator.

Turn your talents into a lifelong career and truly explore what you’re capable of.? ?Learn to think creatively, critically, take risks, and develop advanced skills. Through these skills you’ll make valuable contributions and connections in the industries and communities you choose to work and live in.?

At Whitecliffe, we encourage you to be brave and think deeply, so you can join the next generation of thinkers, doers, creatives, artists, design innovators, technologists, therapists, and leaders.

?Cultivate your talents, build new skills, and create meaningful change — study at Whitecliffe.

Our commitment to the rainbow community

Whitecliffe is committed to achieving and maintaining the Rainbow Tick.

The Rainbow Tick accreditation represents our commitment to the Rainbow community and to providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.