Aotearoa Career and Management Institute (ACMI)

Studying at ACMI means you will be an integral part of a community which thrives on educational innovation and excellence, which nurtures and motivates students in their studies. A graduated student will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to enter the dynamic world of Travel and Tourism, with all the various sectors that are incorporated in it.

We embrace tikanga Maori (traditional Aotearoa New Zealand values and culture), especially ako (collaborative and reciprocal learning in a community), whanaungatanga (family-like connection and support) and manaakitanga (welcoming and caring for visitors).

ACMI has very skilled and experienced tutors who will guide you every step of the way in your studies, and who create an open-minded classroom atmosphere which facilitates your learning process. We are committed in developing you to your inevitable success, by gradually developing your leadership skills and knowledge, which are a vital asset in today’s fast-moving business world.


Why study at ACMI?


Student-centred learning

At ACMI we employ inclusive teaching strategies where the student is involved in the whole process. Students are engaged through active learning processes where students actively participate in class rather than just sit and listen. Learners solve problems and work with hands-on and communicative activities, interacting with one another and teachers. We advocate student-centred learning in a friendly and supportive learning environment, embracing the traditional New Zealand values of ako (a te reo Maori term for collaborative and reciprocal learning in a community).

Small size classes with individual focus

We maintain low class numbers at ACMI to provide our students with individual attention. Our teaching faculty cultivate personal contact with students to improve each student’s potential individually. Our students enjoy a high level of personal attention and support. Students also receive assistance and advice from our student services team and academic faculty on programmes and modules to meet their requirements and career plans.

Highly-qualified and experienced academic staff

Our programme leaders and lecturers are professionally qualified and skilled in their disciplines. They train and develop our students to enter into the business environment. Students gain the skills from our staff’s professional experience to provide business solutions and deal with day-to-day issues in their industries.

Assistance with employment opportunities

Our programmes are carefully designed to meet market and industry standards. Employers participate in our advisory committee meetings providing us with relevant industry input that is structured into our programmes. We also facilitate internships where required which may lead to future employment opportunities.

Cross-crediting with previous equivalent qualifications

Students can apply for cross credits at ACMI if they have successfully completed an equivalent qualification. Cross credit application need to be made after student arrival and before the start of the programmes. The application is assessed and approved by ACMI’s academic board based on the programme level, credit value and the content of the module being compatible with ACMI.

Flexible semester structure

We have two semesters for our diploma programmes which are spread over 36 teaching weeks. Students get a break between semesters to recoup. Students can use their semester breaks to gain hands-on industry experience.

Exceptional student support services

ACMI has a professional student services team that offers pastoral care for our students which is of prime importance for your welfare. We have a team of multi-lingual student service officers who have experience dealing with problems faced by international students and are always available to provide support during their learning process.

Regular workshops to improve your academic skills

There are regular workshops conducted on our campus to sharpen your skills. Workshops on various topics like New Zealand lifestyle, plagiarism, soft skills, preparing CVs, preparing for an interview etc. will be held periodically to assist in your learning process at ACMI. These workshops are conducted to ensure that students are fully equipped to manage their life and education in New Zealand and are capable of handling business scenarios in their industry.

Modern facilities

Our campus is equipped with modern equipment and facilities to assist our students in their education. Students can access our books and computer lab for their research and assignments.



At ACMI we offer a range of scholarships. Please read the following information to see which category best suits you and then you can complete the Scholarship Application form and attach the required information and any other evidence that is required. All applicants will be required to complete the application form, write a personal statement, and attach evidence in relation to the scholarship for which you are applying for.

Approval for scholarships is made by the Selection Committee which comprises of the CEO, Academic Director and Programme Leader for the qualification for which you intend to study.


Eligibility Criteria

  • All students must be NZ Citizens or Residents.

  • Applicants must be enrolled or have completed an enrollment form and meet the enrollment requirements for the Qualification they are studying.

  • All applicants will be required to complete a one-page personal statement on why they wish to undertake their course of study, the academic goals they hope to achieve and their future career path. Applicants should also state why they believe they deserve the scholarship.