Washington University of Science and Technology

IGU’s Mission

The mission of IGU is to provide a diverse student body with career-related education based on scholarly, innovative, and practical approaches to meet emerging global challenges, through the following objectives:


  • To develop career-related programs and curricular practical training;
  • To provide practical training through CPT; and
  • To provide students with ongoing career development services


IGU’s Purpose

The purpose of IGU and its programs is to provide affordable yet effective education services to every human being for their intellectual, professional, and leadership development and growth, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, privileged or underprivileged (financially, physically and/or socially), local or remote.


Founding Philosophy

IGU was founded from a deep commitment of founder Dr. David Sohn and his colleagues to transforming the world by providing a quality and most effective education to all individuals around the world. Being a scholar, practitioner, educator, and a former CEO of international IT companies, Dr. Sohn envisioned IGU to provide lifelong learning opportunities for all learners at the local, national, and global levels based on the instruction presented by competent faculty, the offering of advanced and rigorous academic curricula, and the use of technologies for the most effective and efficient delivery of instruction.


Dr. Sohn’s vision is to provide every human being, especially those who are socially, economically and/or physically underprivileged, with lifelong learning opportunities for their intellectual, professional, spiritual, and leadership development and growth.


Institutional Goals

In order to fulfill its mission, the University established the strategic goals:

  • To pursue the academic excellence in career-related education,
  • To achieve financial sustainability and strength by efficient and effective resource management, and
  • To manage the global expansion and growth successfully.


IGU’s Learning Outcomes

These University learning outcomes encapsulate the knowledge, skills and values the institution aims
to help students develop through their educational experiences, regardless of the program of study
they are enrolled in.


In fulfilling its mission, IGU’s graduate will be able to gain the following skills:

  • Professional Competency
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Effective Communication & Collaboration
  • Social Responsibility & Ethical Values


Scholarship Programs

Academic Merit (Presidential)

This scholarship is designed to recognize and promote academic excellence both in undergrad and graduate programs. Recipients of this scholarship will also get a chance to dine with the president of the university.

Eligibility Criteria:
For Freshmen:
High School CGPA

For Int’l Students:
Foreign credential evaluation showing CGPA.


For Transfer students:
CGPA of completion of minimum 13.5 credits from an accredited university.  


For Current IGU students:
CGPA of completion of minimum one full term:

  • 9 credits (in Graduate programs)
  • 13.5 credits (in Undergraduate programs)

Award Amount:
CGPA: 4.0 for 30% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.8 for 20% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.5 for 10% of the tuition.

For Undergrad Students:
CGPA: 4.0 for 30% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.5 for 20% of the tuition
CGPA: 3.0 for 10% of the tuition
Note: CGPA scores will be rounded.

Note: 10% additional scholarship will be added to the IGU Alumni in each category. (For Graduate Students over CGPA 3.0 will get 10% of the tuition)