Employment Focus Limited trading as the Professional Business and Restaurant School (PBRS) was established in 2000 and operates as a specialist management and hospitality training institute. PBRS aims to provide high-quality courses that are relevant to the needs of the hospitality industry and to the students. It is located in central Auckland with excellent access to hospitality outlets. Many of the other hospitality training institutions are located out of the city centre. PBRS is proud of its excellent reputation in the industry and the high esteem in which its graduates are held.

PBRS acknowledges that it has an important role to play in ensuring that progress is made in the areas identified as Government priorities. It takes cognizance of the positive outlook for the hospitality industry and adopts a holistic approach to catering for the needs of its students.

PBRS has a strong record of success in providing excellent outcomes for its students. All our facilities are modern with spacious classrooms and computer laboratories and five professional commercial training kitchens and a training restaurant. PBRS is a long-standing and reputable private training establishment (PTE) specialising in the provision of tertiary education and training for the hospitality industry. With campuses in Central Auckland, its goal is to provide high quality, relevant training and education supported by appropriate work experience to ensure that graduates have excellent career opportunities and/or a solid basis for further education in the field of hospitality.


Highlights/Why Us

PBRS has a strong record of success in providing excellent outcomes for its students. For over 15 years, PBRS has achieved a myriad of successes and a reputation as a leading hospitality training establishment, winning the New Zealand Hospitality Championship, NZ Training Provider of the Year for 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and winning the Auckland Regional Championships in 2019.

The Professional Business & Restaurant School (PBRS) which is part of Cornell Education Group participated in the Auckland Regional Hospitality Championships 2019 on 24th June. PBRS entered 26 students in 13 different categories this year with outstanding success.

PBRS’s most recent EER was in 2017, where we retained our Category two status. The NZQA EER team was Confident in the educational performance and Confident in the capability in self-assessment of Employment Focus Limited ( T/A : PBRS: The Professional Business and Restaurant School )

contacts within University. We also have extensive contacts with local agencies and community organisations.