Master of Sport, Exercise and Health Level 9

The Master of Sport, Exercise and Health you can advance your knowledge of the sport industry, and be involved in world-leading research in sport, exercise and health.

You can specialise in coach and athlete development, outdoor learning, physical activity and nutrition, sport leadership and management, or strength and conditioning. You can also complete this master’s degree through a flexi pathway by choosing from the full range of courses available across the specialisations.

At the heart of the programme is the dissertation, which enables you to research a topic of your interest, under the guidance of AUT’s globally renowned sport and recreation staff. The programme is flexible, and is offered as a mix of online and on-campus block courses.


To complete the Master of Sport, Exercise and Health you need to successfully complete 180 points, including a 75-point dissertation. Your dissertation is a great opportunity to research a topic of your interest within the field of sport, exercise and health.

There’s an emphasis on M?tauranga M?ori within our courses.

All courses are offered on campus and online, apart from the outdoor learning specialization courses, which are only available on campus. Our online and flexible learning options are convenient if you live outside of Auckland or are balancing your study with work or family commitments.

Complete the following courses

  • HEAL811 Integrative Research (15 points)
  • MAOH804 Te Hau o te Ora - Hauora M?ori Development (15 points)

And one of

  • HEAL808 Quantitative Research II (15 points)
  • HEAL810 Qualitative Research II (15 points)
  • MAOH801 M?ori Health Research Practice – Te Rangahau Hauora M?ori (15 points)

And complete 60 points from
Coach and Athlete Development

Complete the following courses

  • SPEX805 Performance and Movement Analysis (15 points)
  • SPEX806 Contemporary Coaching Practice (15 points)
  • SPSC801 Applied Exercise and Sport Psychology (15 points)
  • SPSC805 Applied Skill Acquisition in Sport (15 points)

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Complete the following courses

  • NUTR801 Nutrition and Health (15 points)
  • SPEX801 Applied Nutrition and Exercise Science (15 points)
  • SPEX807 Sport Performance Nutrition (15 points)
  • SPEX808 Promoting Physical Activity and Health (15 points)

Sport Leadership and Management

Complete the following courses

  • SPMG801 Advanced Sport Development (15 points)
  • SPMG802 Advanced Sport Leadership and Management (15 points)
  • SPMG803 Advanced Sport Marketing (15 points)
  • SPMG804 Advanced Sports Event Management (15 points)

Strength and Conditioning

Complete 60 points from the following courses

  • SPEX803 Exercise Physiology (15 points)
  • SPSC803 Enhancing Muscular Performance (15 points)
  • SPSC804 Applied Human Movement Studies (15 points)
  • SPSC806 Internship in Strength and Conditioning (30 points)

Or choose any courses from the Master of Sport, Exercise and Health

And complete a dissertation

  • SPOR998 Dissertation (75 points)

Career Outcomes

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Performance analyst
  • Manager of performance programme

What will I learn?

A graduate of the Master of Sport, Exercise and Health will be able to:

a) Demonstrate expertise in their discipline or field of study. (Knowledge/Understanding; Skills/Application)

b) Assess, interpret and evaluate issues in their area of knowledge. (Knowledge/Understanding; Inquiry/Research/Creativity; Personal/Intellectual Autonomy)

c) Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and decision-making skills. (Inquiry/Research/Creativity; Skills/Application)

d) Synthesise and apply current knowledge and research. (Skills/Application)

e) Communicate independent knowledge effectively with others across the academic community. (Communication; Personal/Intellectual Autonomy)

f) Work in an ethical, legal, and culturally responsible manner. (Professional/Ethical Dispositions)

g) Demonstrate an understanding of relevant research methodologies and techniques, and their appropriate application within their research topic. (Skills/Application; Inquiry/Research/Creativity)

h) Undertake supervised research, including the design and conduct of investigations, in a systematic, critical and evidence-based manner through a research study. (Inquiry/Research/Creativity; Personal/Intellectual Autonomy)

i) Complete a research dissertation that critiques or extends some current forms of knowledge, and cogently convey the ideas and outcomes in written forms. (Inquiry/Research/Creativity; Personal/Intellectual Autonomy)

j) Demonstrate advanced understanding of hauora concepts related to sport, exercise and health. (Communication; Professional/Ethical Dispositions)