Ardmore Flying School


Ardmore Flying School prepares you for a rewarding career in aviation. Learn to fly at Ardmore Flying School with professional experienced instructors using well-maintained modern aircraft and simulators. Your journey towards becoming an aviation professional starts here.


Ardmore Flying School has modern equipment and advanced technology to ensure you achieve your aviation goals. We pride ourselves on our focused delivery of the best quality and most efficient pilot training environment.

Our modern classrooms, aircraft and simulators are ready and waiting for you.


Highlights/Why Us

Ardmore Flying School is committed to delivering excellence in aviation training. We are ranked Confident on NZQA EER rating. Ardmore Flying School has been training pilots since 1961 and is recognised internationally as a quality facility, providing consistently high standards in all aspects of flight training. Ardmore Flying School provides international and domestic students with a solid foundation in all the critical areas of aviation theory and pilot training skills, and also teaches you how to work effectively in the constantly changing environment of the skies. Our fully integrated pilot training programs transform students into strong, decisive, skilled pilots capable of operating in the commercial and corporate sector.

Supportive mentoring: An experienced instructor and an assistant teach every theory subject in modern and air-conditioned classrooms. Your Primary Instructor will be available to mentor you through any difficult patch and is your ‘go-to’ person to solve any issue you may have. Computer-based interactive pilot training allows students to revisit core concepts.

Many of our airline pilot training graduates are flying for airlines all over the world. Facilities that contribute to the quality of our pilot training include: Operating for over 50 years Ardmore Flying School has a proven history in delivering high quality pilot training. Our instructors bring a wealth of experience, including an ‘A’ Category instructor with over 40 years of experience in fixed wing instruction.

Our large, modern fleet of fixed wing aircraft includes:

  • 15‘R’ model Cessna 172 aircraft
  • 2 DA42 Twin Star aircraft

Our simulators for advanced pilot training include:

  • Garmin G1000 single engine simulator
  • Garmin G1000 DA 42 Multi-Engine simulator
  • Pacific A320 Fixed-based simulator

King Air Turboprop simulator