Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Institute


Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand was established in 2012 as a state-of-the-art cooking school, it has a team of French-trained chef tutors and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, such as Paco-Jets, steam-injected bakers ovens, sous-vide cookers and a pastry kitchen with a nine-metre composite stone bench. With nearly 200 students from over 23 different countries, the school is as vibrant and multi-cultural as the city itself.


Highlights/Why Us

Our programmes of study reflect the history of Le Cordon Bleu, whilst delivering cutting edge and much sought after higher levels of study – Le Grand Diplôme, the flagship of Culinary training to the Diplôme de Cuisine (diploma in cuisine), Diplôme de Patisserie (diploma in pastry) and the new advanced culinary diploma - Diplôme Avancé Culinaire, there is a course for all budding Cuisine and Patisserie (pastry) Chefs. The Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business, a three year programme of study, prepares students for the world of business and gastronomy. The modern, purpose-built school covers over three stories and is still expanding. Dedicated Cuisine, Patisserie (pastry) and demonstration kitchens are staffed by a team of world-class international Chefs. Our academic staff come from nearly all four corners of the world, bringing a plethora of knowledge and experience. From a Master of Wine through to published and recognised authors, our academic delivery lecturers truly prepare students for life in the ever-growing and blossoming world of Hospitality.


Culinary Arts and Business Degree Scholarship for International Students each worth NZD $8,040.00 (a discount of 15% over the last two years of study)