Cambridge High School

Established in 1883 Cambridge High School has a proud tradition of meeting the educational needs of our local community. With a roll of 1650, we are able to offer our diverse school population a wide range of academic, cultural, and sporting opportunities. The school combines modern facilities and a progressive education programme with traditional core values and high expectations of student achievement.

Our aim is to offer students the opportunity to reach their academic potential and enjoy personal growth in a safe and positive learning environment. In addition to academic achievement and qualifications, we value highly the development of the competencies and skills that our students need to navigate easily into life beyond school. Our school motto “Fortiter et Recte” reminds us to have the ‘courage to do what is right’ and this is based on our core values: Respect, Responsibility and Achievement.

Cambridge High School is a co-educational state secondary school and is proud to be a major part of the Cambridge Community.

Our 8.5 hectares of grounds are attractively planted with shrubs and trees, and we have extensive playing fields, a swimming pool, gymnasium, and canteen.

Visitors to the school comment on the positive learning culture and cooperative atmosphere we enjoy. Students are lively, involved, and friendly, enjoying good relationships with each other and staff. Our Houses, with their vertical form classes, provide a sense of belonging and connection within a large school. Our Peer Support and Tutoring programmes, House Prefects and Captains, and the Junior Forum provide leadership opportunities that foster respect and concern for others.

We cater for and support a diverse range of learners by:

  • Providing a rich and wide range of subjects that focus on the needs of our students.
  • Offering multiple learning pathways.
  • Extending our most capable students through both enrichment and acceleration.
  • Implementing a supported learning programme for students who require extra time and attention.
  • Supporting students through targeted literacy and numeracy programmes.
  • Assisting students to set meaningful goals for their learning and to monitor their own progress.
  • Supporting the development and evaluation of key competencies in all subjects.
  • Focussing on skills development – communication, research, and subject specific.
  • Developing research and presentation skills, as well as other technology applications through our blended e-learning approach as a BYOD school.
  • Including opportunities for students to interact with employers, business people or community experts and see links between the curriculum and workplace settings.
  • Offering an impressive range of opportunities to learn outside the classroom with trips and activities in many learning areas.
  • Encouraging former students to visit and talk about their studies, career pathways and experiences since leaving Cambridge High School



    Cambridge High School has a rich and varied cultural life. Music at Cambridge High School includes opportunities such as the Production, Ukulele Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Vox – girls vocal ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Brass Roots Ensemble, Gypsy Folk Ensemble and more, and our students have achieved enviable success in Rock Quest. Specialised music tuition by skilled teachers in a range of instruments is available during school hours, and our musicians regularly perform at lunchtime, for school occasions, and community groups. Our ARTiculate week is a celebration of the visual arts, music, dance and drama. Debating and public speaking opportunities are available to all students within the school, and through inter-school competitions.


    Cambridge High School offers a wide range of sporting activities and is recognised locally and nationally for its sporting achievement. We have an impressive line-up of national achievers across codes and for those who excel there are significant competitive opportunities. Skilled staff and friends of the school assist students in all extracurricular sports and we have thriving sports clubs run by parents. We partner with Wintec’s Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance to allow all interested Year 9 and Year 10 students to participate in Youth Athletic Development – a programme that uses evidence based approaches to develop young people’s athleticism, reduce the risk of injury, and enable them to be more competitive, and to improve faster in the sports they love. Our inter-house sports competitions – school athletics day, swimming sports and cross country – promote a sense of belonging and involvement, and provide experience of being part of a team. Competitive and recreational teams in over 30 different sports provide extensive opportunities and cater for our students’ needs and interests. We encourage students of all ages and abilities to get involved in sport, to achieve a ‘mind-body’ balance and to keep fit and happy.

  • Year 10

    All students study: •English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Health and Physical Education Some students will participate in: •The Extension and Accelerated Programme •A Project-Based Learning Class (application necessary) Students also choose options from: •Sport Science, Enterprise Studies, Media Studies •Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Art - Visual Design •French, Japanese, Mandarin and Te Reo Maaori Technology contexts: Engineering, Digital, Electronics, Design + Visual Communication, Food, Wood, Textiles and Future Focused Technology

  • Year 9

    All students study: •English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Health and Physical Education •A range of Technologies, Languages and Arts Some students will participate in: •The Extension Learning Programme •A Project Based Learning Class (application necessary) •Targeted Literacy and Numeracy classes •A specialist Home Room environment

  • Years 11, 12 and 13 (NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3)

    ubject choices include: •English: English, Media Studies •Arts: Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Photography, Art Digital Media •Technology: Automotive Engineering, Digital, Carpentry, Engineering, Textiles, Food, Design + Visual Communication, Hospitality •Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Biochemistry •Social Sciences: Classical Studies, Geography, History, Psychology, Tourism •Mathematics: Calculus, Mathematics and Statistics •Languages: Te Reo Maaori, ESOL, French, Japanese, Mandarin •Commerce: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Business Skills and Consumer Citizenship •Health and Physical Education: Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Sport Science, Fitness and Recreation and Health •Pathways: Gateway