Lincoln High School

Lincoln High School is a contemporary state, co-educational school in a university town on the outskirts of Christchurch. Our roll has approximately 1400 students, including approximately 50 overseas fee-paying students. We draw from a semi-rural catchment area in the Selwyn District and many students travel to school by bus. The school is an equal opportunity employer and works within the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. The staff are professional, talented, supportive and tolerant; our team approach is a major factor in the positive atmosphere of the school. The paramount consideration at Lincoln High School is the needs of the students. The Linc (mentoring) system, the house structure, and pastoral care system are designed to provide ongoing support and guidance to students. The school provides a warm and caring environment for all students and encourages them to become lifelong learners through individual learning and learning with others. The school's curriculum is broad and designed to meet the individual needs of our students. They work in an orderly, well-disciplined environment which, alongside our tikanga, emphasises a positive work ethic, personal responsibility and self-discipline. The school is future focused and collaborative with a variety of innovative learning spaces. We have a very committed Board of Trustees and a positive, supportive community.

Choosing a high school which gives you the opportunity to be motivated, happy, challenged and supported is the most important thing to make sure your years as a young adult set you up for a full life.

At Lincoln we know that having the right balance of academics, sporting, cultural and social opportunities creates an environment where learning comes naturally. Our teachers understand that everyone learns differently and encourage you to approach tasks with an open mind.

Communication with parents is essential to us, in maintaining the links in our community, and making sure that every student is on the receiving end of support and guidance to make sure they are getting the best out of our school. 

Our school has a reputation for innovation, forward thinking and excellence in all facets of school life. Our main focus is the development of a Learning Community, focusing on teacher learning as the leverage for improving student learning. Teacher learning teams are a feature of the school.

Lincoln High School has a very good reputation of high academic achievement and for providing excellent pastoral care for our students.

The happiness, safety and satisfaction of our students are very important to us. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring students enjoy their experience at Lincoln High School and ensuring that parents are confident in the safety of their children. We have a team of dedicated staff who support our International Students.

Lincoln High School offers wonderful opportunities for our international students and we encourage them to take full advantage of what is available.


  • As of 2023:

    Year 10 students are in the second year of their two year junior programme. Year 10 consists of two semesters (half year-long) with a combination of core (compulsory) courses and option courses chosen by the students.  In Year 10 students will take 12 semester (half-year) courses that include: a) Core Courses - Two Semesters of English and Social Studies, and one Semester of Health & PE, Mathematics, and Science. b) Option Courses - Five semesters of option courses.

  • Co-curricular

    We provide a variety of opportunities and fully equipped facilities to enable you to discover your full potential.

  • Cultural

    We understand the importance of artistic expression, and encourage this by providing a variety of cultural activities which encourage you to embrace your inherent creativity. Take part in activities like chess, debating, theatre, dance, drama, Kapa Haka or performance music. Our music centre is fully equipped with instruments, lesson rooms and industry-standard recording equipment. Bring your ideas to life!

  • eLearning

    The use of technology in business has developed exponentially over the last decade. We want to ensure that you are capable of utilising these developments, in the most safe and efficient way. Our school is equipped with an ultra-fast broadband connection and campus-wide Wi-Fi to allow you to complete tasks efficiently. Our connection is complete with blocking and filters to promote productivity and safety. Students at all levels have been using their own devices on our network for many years now, and we expect all of our students (wherever possible) to bring a suitable device to school, as we integrate the use of technology further into our learning.

  • Our curriculum 

    We are aware that opportunities for employment are developing significantly, often in areas that previously didn’t even exist. Studying a variety of courses ensures you get a valuable insight into many academic disciplines, and helps you to determine where to concentrate your efforts in the future.

  • Qualifications

    Students in Years 12 and 13 may study towards the following external qualifications: New Zealand Qualifications Authority NCEA (Level 2) NCEA (Level 3) and Scholarship. National Certificates Lincoln High School is fully accredited to award credits in all conventional subjects, and we have a very wide ranging accreditation to teach and assess vocational units. University Papers Papers which can be credited towards degrees at Canterbury, Lincoln or Massey Universities.

  • Sport

    We embrace the competitive spirit, development of teamwork and mental health benefits which are encouraged by engaging in physical activity. At Lincoln, we offer a range of sports, introducing less traditional activities into the regular mix of options generally competed in during Wednesday and Saturday sport competitions.

  • The major aims here are:

    To give students a sound preparation in the courses they are studying for external awards and qualifications. To equip students for the transition to the post-school world of employment or further education. To provide each student with a relevant course of study, which matches the individual's strengths and abilities. There are no compulsory courses for Year 12 & 13 students. English and mathematics course are recommended though in Year 12.

  • Year 10 - 2022

    All students study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Health & Physical Education, and six optional semester courses. The major aims here are: To give students a sound grounding in the core subjects. To give students the opportunity to explore a wide range of other subject areas.

  • Year 9

    As of 2022, the Year 9 timetable will align with the Year 11-13 timetable.  The details of the junior curriculum as of 2022 have been summarised and can be online.

  • Years 11, 12 & 13

    Year 11 students study 12 semester courses, two must be in English and two must be in mathematics. Year 12 students study six courses, and year 13 students study five courses and have Independent Study Time.