Papanui High School

Established in 1936 Papanui High School has a long tradition of welcoming and educating International Students, with over 30 years of experience. Come and see the creativity, compassion, and diversity of Papanui High School for yourself.

Giving students the opportunity to study from an innovative and broad curriculum is critical to providing each student with a pathway that meets their individual needs. We allow for a greater range and flexibility in subject choice including the utilization of the secondary/tertiary interface. This reinforces the philosophy underpinning personalized learning and is strongly supported by understanding our students’ interests, passions, talents, and ultimately their career aspirations.

All that we do here is reinforced by positive relationships, an ethos of caring, cultural responsiveness, inclusion, and high expectations – what we call Full-servicervice Model”. The school highly values the connectedness of curricular and co-curricular learning. We have a philosophical understanding that the holistic development of the student is critical to their individual success.

We understand that for effective learning to take place, it has to be implemented in such a way that students will be highly engaged. The school does this in a ‘forward thinking’ way by creating learning environments that allow our students to see value in what they do and achieve. Papanui “PRIDE” is what we represent and we demonstrate this by having young adults leave our school as confident learners who have gained the appropriate qualifications and social skills to become valued contributing members of society.
The 2020 enrolments were from Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Thailand, Vietnam, and USA. and this was similar to our yearly international roll. This year in 2021 though, we started with 11 international students who are from Brazil, China, and Japan and increased to 12 with enrolment from a student from Korea, changing schools. Let's hope that 2022 brings us a return of our beloved international students who add so much to our school culture. All the best for our 2021 graduands!
We offer a wide range of subjects and we aim to meet the learning needs of each student by providing each student with an individual timetable. We also have an intensive English course for those students who do not have intermediate-level English to join mainstream classes. The students are always impressed with the kindness of the teachers and students.

There are lots of opportunities to play sports and/ or do a cultural activity. We encourage all students to become involved in the school community.

We are very proud of our reputation for providing academic excellence and quality pastoral care. We have an experienced and dedicated staff of 4 in the International Department and have been looking after international students for over 30 years now. We have many years of experience. We can find you a homestay family where you will be included as one of the family. The homestays are closely monitored by the school.

All students take part in an orientation programme when they arrive. Buddies are organised for their form and subject classes. Orientation is ongoing throughout the year with weekly meetings and the staff tries to ensure that students settle quickly and easily into the new school and life in New Zealand.