Aorere College

Aorere College is a culturally diverse co-educational secondary school situated in Auckland, New Zealand, with a student population of about 1,660 consisting of over 25 ethnicities. Both domestic and international students enjoy learning about different cultures and believe that this multicultural focus prepares them well for life in the global community.

We have a small number of international students which means each student has a unique and intimate experience, with dedicated staff to guide them.  Past students agree studying abroad gives you amazing experiences and provides opportunities for significant social, cultural and personal growth. 

Aorere College provides a broad learning environment with a clear focus on academic achievement.

Working closely with whanau, the school offers a range of performing arts, cultural and sporting opportunities.
Our Vision
“Working closely with our community to grow high-achieving young men and women with the character, confidence and qualifications for future success.”
Another function of a school is to link the past with the present day. With this view it was decided to link the Maori name with a motto from classical times and a crest which incorporated a modern symbol. The crest shows two delta wing shapes in flight over a portion of the globe.

The name "Aorere" was selected after consultation with a number of authorities in Maori language and traditions. It was the nearest school to the International Airport. Both aviation and education were concerned with the object of widening person's horizons. The ancient Maori had no word which was the exact equivalent of flight, but Aorere signified flight in the modern sense with all its associated emotional meanings e.g. flight into space or into knowledge.

This was the work of Professor B.F. Harris of the Classics Department of the University of Auckland. Working with the name of the school and the suggested idea of widening horizons he discovered a passage in Horace's Odes - Book 11 lines 21,22 which expressed the sentiments that seemed most appropriate. From these lines he produced the motto: VIRTUS CAELUM RECLUDIT which translates as 'CHARACTER OPENS THE WAY TO THE HEAVENS'

Our Past
The land Aorere College occupies in Tamaki Makarau Waitemata te moana is within the traditional boundaries of Tainui with Puketapapa te maunga.
In the 1950’s Papatoetoe was a growing district and roll estimates at Papatoetoe High School which opened in 1957 indicated that another school would be required within a few years. The Department of Education considered the possibility of building a second school adjacent to the Papatoetoe High school with the idea of having one school for boys and the other for girls. Because of the shortage of good female staff it was decided to continue with co-education.
In all, the Aorere College site occupies an area of over 22 acres of land, 11 acres from Mr W.A. Slater a long standing resident of the district, a small area from Mr W.G. Kerr and the remainder from Mr Owen Self whose family has lived in Self ’s Road for many years.
Aorere College was established in 1964 to serve the community of the Mangere East and Papatoetoe West district. 

Student Services
Student Support services include:
•    An Academic Mentor for every class.  Students meet with their mentor three times a week
•    Two Deans at Years 9, 10 and 11; One dean at both Years 12 and 13.  
•    Experienced Guidance Counsellor and Social Workers.
•    Social Workers work with students and families to improve attendance and participation in class. 
•    Two full time Registered Nurses 
•    A SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator


  • Arts

    The arts have a treasured place at our school. Students are offered a large range of opportunities to excel in visual arts, including photography, painting and digital design. Students with a passion for dance will find their strength in our dance studio. We have had groups and crews compete at national level and win grand prizes. In music, students can learn instruments, develop vocal techniques and form bands which have performed successfully at national competitions.

  • Digital Learning

    We are a Google school and we work closely with Google in supporting the use and development of future technologies in schools worldwide. We provide access to Chromebooks and other 21st Century learning tools to develop our students’ capabilities leaning into the increasingly digital future we are faced with. Our school provides programs that foster innovation, such as Robotics, Computer Programming, Animation, Game Development and Website and App Development. With an eye to the future, we are honoured to be one of two schools in New Zealand to offer a Pathways to Technology (P-Tech) program in association with IBM and have been selected as a Google Reference school.

  • Sports

    Aorere College has a strong Physical Education and Sports department and has been named four times in the last five years the most outstanding sporting secondary school in Counties Manukau. A variety of sports are offered, from basketball and netball to football and badminton. In addition to coaching programs, we also offer extensive support in students’ sports performance, particularly on the rugby field. Rugby is our national sport and it has a special home at Aorere. We have produced international rugby stars that have gone on to play for teams such as the All Blacks. Whether serious or just for fun, our school sports scene offers a chance for everyone to get fit and enjoy themselves.