Fraser High School

At Fraser, we are building upon Hamilton Technical Day School’s fine scholastic tradition of achievement in our young people. Our foundation for excellence is built upon strong community values and the legacy of past pupils, who have established a highly respectable reputation for academic, sporting and cultural success.
Our co-educational school provides all the advantages of size, along with the caring encouragement and holistic support of a small school.

Fraser High School affirms and values achievement by individuals and groups in terms of both participation in, and success at, all that we offer as a School.

We affirm the fundamental right of every student to learn to the best of their ability and potential in an environment that is positive, safe, friendly, caring and supportive of young people.

We will encourage students to take pride in their School and their appearance through recognition of self-identity, family and culture.

We will expect students to acknowledge and respect the rights of each individual and the collective rights of all students and staff who make up our School.

We enhance and progress your child’s learning and achievement in whatever field they are passionate .

We firmly believe in our young people. We challenge them and we equip them to take on the dynamic opportunities they may look forward to in the world.

Our focus is determinedly upon our students, ensuring they will achieve in their chosen field.

The 2013 Education Review Office (ERO) report states “Students continue to benefit from a wide range of pastoral, health, career and extra and co-curricular programmes. In the classes ERO observed, students were settled, engaged in learning tasks, and respectful of their teachers and one another.”

Our community is a rich and vibrant tapestry of dynamic peoples who are valued

Fraser High School is unique in Hamilton, in part because of our academic, cultural and ethnic diversity.

Our students come to Fraser from a range of different backgrounds. In our school we celebrate the fusion of difference and success. We carefully blend the different strands to develop resilient and accomplished individuals.


Academic success for all our students

Student–centred learning and teaching – unrelenting focus on what is best for the learning needs of our students and our community

For the staff at Fraser, learning and teaching is more than just our business, it is personal. We are committed participants in your child’s learning and achievement. The success of every student is key to everything we do at Fraser.

Exceptional Talent

The Exceptional Talent Programme is designed to identify and extend students who have the potential to excel in a chosen field.


The Enhancement Programme is a thematic learning class, focussing on raising achievement with a literacy focus.

Hei Taniwha

The Hei Taniwha Programme is designed for all students who receive mentoring and pastoral care in a Kaupapa Maori context.



Our course structure has been designed to provide the widest possible flexibility in course choice, and should the need arise, provide opportunities for pursuing courses at more than one level in the same year.

The courses cater for students who are planning to go to university, polytechnic or other tertiary institutions and also for students who are planning to enter the workforce at the end of Year 12 or Year 13.

Remember that there are prerequisites that must be met to gain entry into most courses for NCEA. Students will have their courses confirmed in January..

Fraser High School offers a range of career-related courses that complement our conventional subjects. These courses almost always offer Standards for one or more national qualifications.

It is important to take advantage of the opportunities for advice which the school provides as you plan your courses for the coming year. Please contact the school office to make an appointment with the careers advisor if you need help or advise planning for your future.

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the main national qualification for secondary school students in New Zealand.

NCEA is recognised by employers and used for selection by universities and polytechnics, both in New Zealand and overseas


  • NCEA (Level 1) is awarded to students who gain:

    80 credits at any level, including 10 Literacy credits and 10 Numeracy credits.

  • NCEA (Level 2) is awarded to students who gain:

    60 credits at level 2 or above - Plus 20 credits from any level (incluing Level 1) - (total 80 credits)

  • NCEA (Level 3) is awarded to students who gain:

    60 or more credits at level 3 or higher, plus 20 credits at level 2 or above - (total 80 credits) must also have the 10 Literacy and 10 Numeracy credits (as per NCEA Level 1) University Entrance (UE) is the minimum requirement to go to a New Zealand University.

  • New Zealand Scholarship

    Students who excel academically may also enter for a New Zealand Scholarship (as well as NCEA Level 3) in 1 or more subjects. The content of the Scholarship course is the same as for NCEA Level 3 but on top of that students will be expected to do independent work in greater depth. All assessments are external (i.e. exams) and are standards based.

  • To qualify you will need:

    NCEA level 3 14 credits in each of 3 University Approved Subjects at level 3 or above University Entrance Literacy - 10 credits made up of: 5 UE Reading Credits 5 UE Writing Credits Numeracy 10 credits at level 1 or above (as per the requirements to pass NCEA Level 1)