John Paul College


John Paul College was founded in 1987 with the amalgamation of Edmund Rice College and MacKillop College. The current principal is Patrick Walsh, past president of the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand.

Patrick has led the College to become the top-performing Catholic secondary school in New Zealand. John Paul College educates and shapes the lives of young people from Year 7 to Year 13 in the beautiful tourist city of Rotorua. It is widely respected for its many achievements of excellence in the academic, sporting, and cultural spheres, and its comprehensive systems of pastoral care and support, ensure that each individual student can flourish to his or her fullest potential.

The College stands for:

  • The Gospel values and Jesus Christ as our role model
  • Academic excellence
  • Active participation in sports and a competitive spirit
  • Making a positive difference in our world and the local community.
  • John Paul College employs only the best teachers available, teaching in first-rate facilities. This ensures an environment where our students can grow and learn to their full potential.

John Paul College is well known for providing a top-class learning environment preparing international students to become confident and capable global citizens. Students come from 15 different countries making up 7% of the school’s population. Located in the North Island’s top tourist destination of Rotorua, there are so many unique and exciting experiences to enjoy.


  • Cultural programme

    The Cultural Programme offered at John Paul College is vibrant and strong. Like in sports, students are encouraged to participate in a cultural activity. Many students also take advantage of the wide range of opportunities in the cultural clubs and organisations that are also offered in Rotorua city.

  • Sport

    John Paul College is widely recognized as a top-performing sporting school and its teams and individual students consistently earn regional and national awards and achievements. Annual sports days are held for Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, and ‘tabloid games.’ All students are encouraged to participate and gain points for their House Team. The competitions are a mixture of fun as well as serious for those who are intending to represent the school at regional and national competition in these sports.