Howick College


Howick College is an engaging and future-focused school committed to providing the widest range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students. We firmly believe in doing the best we can to meet individual student’s needs in a caring and supportive learning environment to enhance their educational experience.

Our vision, inspiring a community of passionate learners, recognises the powerful impact we can have on one another. Young people who are inspired will be the passionate leaders who will influence others and make a difference in their community. Inspiration is the key to awakening passion in learning, and in life; where there is passion, there is motivation to succeed. Our aim is to inspire each other, and to ensure our students’ journey at Howick College is enjoyable, exciting and rewarding.

Our framework for teaching and learning, along with the complementary Restorative Practice model, means our students receive high quality education where they are positively engaged with a curriculum that supports and strengthens their learning. With a strong focus on student wellbeing, which underpins the school’s educational vision, Howick College is committed to fostering each individual student’s present and future potential and to equip them with the life skills they need in this ever-changing world.

Howick College is a dynamic and innovative school that fosters a culture of inclusion and diversity. As an International student, you will experience a full ‘kiwi life’ with the support of new friends, teachers, and our caring International Department staff, who will assist you on your educational journey at Howick College.

International Students contribute positively to our learning environment and provide a valuable cultural diversity for our school and all our students.

We welcome you to join us and be part of the Howick College community.



Howick College offers a broad range of subjects that enable students to experience the full breadth of the New Zealand Curriculum, to further explore their areas of interest, and best prepare them to be 21st Century Learners to achieve academic success. Our students are fostered and nurtured with an exceptional educational journey in a caring and supportive learning environment that will inspire them to grow and reach their lifelong aspirations.

Innovation Stream at Howick College is an exciting initiative designed to prepare our students for the future in this rapidly changing world that requires them to be flexible, take initiatives, lead when needs arise, communicate and collaborate with others, and create new products and develop processes.

As we enter a different era with new learning opportunities and with new jobs yet to be created, students need to build on their abilities to think deeply and critically about issues, solve problems creatively, communicate clearly and effectively through a variety of media, learn and adapt emerging technologies, and analyse multiple sources of information.

With a key focus to strengthen the capabilities of our young people for the future workforce and global society, Innovation Stream develops our students within the following six areas of deep learning outcomes: Self-Management, Global Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.

The curriculum aims to engage and develop learners, leaders and change-makers who use knowledge meaningfully across the core subjects of English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. These four courses include the same curriculum content, but are integrated across Community Action, Creative Design, Problem Solving, and Future Studies.


  • Junior Curriculum (Year 9 and 10)

    In Year 9 and 10, our curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation across the five core subjects of English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Social Science. To complement these core subjects, students can select a variety of optional disciplines from subject areas such as Technology, Arts, Language, and Business and Management. The aim is to encourage our students to experience a diversity of subject fields that enable them to make more informed subject choices for subsequent years. Students at junior level are encouraged to be passionate independent learners who are self-motivated.

  • Senior Curriculum (Year 11 to 13 / NCEA Level 1 to 3)

    From Year 11, students will enter into National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level system. The NCEA qualification provides rigorous and much more explicit information about student’s achievement and their individual learning outcome. At NCEA Level 3, students will need to obtain a certain number of credits in approved subjects, plus literacy and numeracy, to gain University Entrance requirement. NCEA qualification is recognised and accepted internationally which allows New Zealand students to pursue tertiary studies around the world. New Zealand's National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) are national qualifications for senior secondary school students. Howick College continues to uphold strong achievement rates in Literacy and Numeracy across all year levels. Our 92.3% achievement rate for NCEA Level 2 is among the HIGHEST for New Zealand schools. NCEA is the main secondary school qualification undertaken by students from Year 11 to 13 and is recognised internationally by top universities around the world. There are three National Certificates - Level 1 NCEA, Level 2 NCEA and Level 3 NCEA.