Lynfield College

Lynfield College has a proud tradition of serving the central-west Auckland area for over 60 years. In that time it has developed a reputation as a centre of academic excellence in a safe, caring, positive environment. Students are encouraged to take full part in the busy life of the college, and participate in the many and varied sporting, arts, cultural, and leadership opportunities.

With over 1800 students we offer an extremely broad curriculum to meet the needs of our students. For this reason the overwhelming majority of our Year 9 intake complete five years of secondary education and leave well-equipped for the opportunities and challenges of tertiary study, trades training and employment. Our careers and academic staff work beside students to ensure they understand their options and future career pathways prior to leaving Lynfield College.

Lynfield College also offers a wide variety of extra support for students. Our ESOL programme caters for the needs of our second language students. Students with additional learning needs have access to advice and guidance offered through the Learning Support department to support them with learning and assessment.

 As 21st century learners, our students are increasingly engaged with digital technology. Our blended e-learning programme, along with the best of traditional classroom practice, ensures that all learners have the opportunity to become digitally capable individuals. Lynfield students learn skills to facilitate their success in our rapidly-changing and increasingly digital world. Learning is supported anywhere, anytime, at any pace. For more information see the eLearning section of the website.

This website introduces Lynfield College to potential students and families, provides information and news in our ongoing relationship with current students, their parents / caregivers and our community, and importantly, incorporates Schoology, the e-learning portal for our students.

Lynfield College has high expectations of its learners and are proud of their successes. Our academic results are consistently high, and we have the confidence and respect of our community.

Academic Programme

The Lynfield College Curriculum is built on the framework provided in The New Zealand Curriculum and supports our aim to 'inspire students to achieve educational excellence through a rich learning and social environment'.

Lynfield College provides a broad-based junior school programme as a general introduction to each subject area so that students will be in a position to make an informed choice in their senior programme when specialisation is required.
The Lynfield College Learning Charter was developed in 2011 and introduced to the whole school in 2012. The Learning Charter aims to build awareness of the unique identity of Lynfield College represented by our school crest and to affirm widely held values within the College which focus on learning.


  • National Certificate of Educational Achievement

    Level 1-3 are certificates that most students will work towards at Lynfield College. However, it is possible to gain other certificates that are registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). New Zealand Scholarship is also offered in some subjects. This is a separate, stand-alone qualification to extend high achievers. NCEA Certificates enable students to demonstrate a wide range of skills linked to the New Zealand Curriculum. Lynfield College takes advantage of the flexibility of NCEA to offer a range of courses across a variety of subject areas. This allows our students to select courses that meet their learning needs, study at the appropriate level and follow their career pathways

  • Gifted Education Programme

    Students are given more challenging academic tasks and opportunities than mainstream students. This work is regarded as being instrumental in advancing learning, building confidence in personal abilities and widening horizons for future learning and aspirations. Gifted students from Lynfield College consistently win or rate highly in regional, national and international events and competitions. Our Robotics teams have won New Zealand championships and multiple awards at the World Championships in the United States. Gifted students are also encouraged to take part in the Debating Programme. Lynfield debating teams have enjoyed tremendous success at all levels in recent years. Talented students in Drama, Music, Art, Dance, Fashion and Design are welcomed and encouraged to contribute to the College’s annual production. Opportunities for students to submit their writing to a number of national publications are also promoted.