Massey High School

Massey High School is a large co-educational school in the West Auckland suburb of Massey. The school opened on its present site in 1970 and since that time the roll has increased to 1,750 students. Our students come from a diverse socio-economic background, reflecting the nature of the area. The school retains and seeks to maintain its relaxed, friendly, rural atmosphere.

The school’s current philosophy is to maintain the highest standards in academic, sporting, cultural and social areas, within a disciplined and caring environment. We pride ourselves on having a progressive approach to education, with an innovative curriculum model, supported by well qualified teaching staff.

The school is situated 30 minutes away from the International Airport and 20 minutes from Auckland's CBD.

Students move to secondary school at about 13 years of age and sit examinations in the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) at Levels 1, 2 and 3 between the ages of 15 and 18. There are requirements for achievements in Level 3 NCEA for entry into university.

Massey High School has built a proud record of academic achievement with outstanding pass rates in external examinations. Many of our top students gain National Scholarships.  We are also a lead provider of trades academy education offering exciting opportunities for some of our students as well as students from a number of other local and distant schools. World-class vocational pathways and qualifications are enabled with high rates of success.  

The school can boast an extensive extra-curricular programme with numerous other opportunities including leadership training, extension classes, sports, music, the arts, performing arts, clubs and cultural activities. Our students have huge pride in attending and representing Massey High School.


  • Programs

    Massey High School's curriculum is based on the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum framework and describes the elements which are fundamental to teaching and learning.

  • Seven essential learning areas 

    These elements include seven essential learning areas, eight essential skills and nine principles, all integrated with positive attitudes towards learning. The notion of a 'seamless' curriculum, whereby students have access to outside agencies such as polytechnics, industries and universities, is incorporated into the Massey model.

  • Gifted and Talented Students:

    The school's philosophy includes both enrichment and acceleration for our gifted and talented students. Special classes and programmes are offered in the junior school, with an emphasis on developing autonomous learner skills, and excellence in achievement. In the senior school emphasis is on study skills, mentoring and contact with universities, as students' programmes become increasingly individualised.

  • Special Education:

    Programmes have been developed to help students who have learning difficulties.

  • Special Needs Students:

    Specialist tutors are available to assist students who are hard of hearing, visually impaired or physically disabled.

  • Multi-level Studies:

    This programme enables students to take a range of subjects at different levels. Selected students may sit some NCEA subject in Year 10 while students in Years 12 and 13 may study at any level appropriate to their individual abilities.

  • Alternative Programmes:

    These are offered to prepare students who are planning to leave school and assist them in their transition from school to tertiary courses or employment.

  • International Students:

    The school provides excellent opportunities for its international students both permanent residents and fee-paying students. There is a very well-resourced English Language School for new arrivals and ESOL classes exist for international students in the main school. Specialist teachers are employed to assist students whose first language is not English.