Mount Roskill Grammar

Mount Roskill Grammar School is a secondary school in the suburb of Mount Roskill, Auckland, officially opened in 1953. The school is widely regarded as one of the most diverse schools in Auckland, having students of over 70 different nationalities including approximately 120 International students. 

At MRGS an excellent education, great facilities, an extensive range of subjects and a fantastic variety of co-curricular, leadership and sporting opportunities are the norm for every student. More than this, MRGS offers a warm, caring community where each individual is valued for who they are and the potential they have.

MRGS consistently achieves outstanding results, and a personalised education underpins this. We measure student progress against individual improvement. We offer support across all learning capabilities. We offer a wide range of subject choices, co-curricular opportunities and university and career pathways to suit different talents. It’s this individualised learning that enables students to experience personal success, which instils self-belief and resilience.

At MRGS we believe that success starts with great teachers. By investing in, and supporting our staff, we attract and retain exceptional teachers. Teachers that are passionate about successful learning outcomes and who use their skills to challenge, motivate, inspire and connect with the students.


  • ESOL International Learning

    Students who arrive from different countries often need extra English tuition to assist them with the transition into the New Zealand education system.The school has a very proud academic record, with top scholarship results comparable to other higher-decile schools in Auckland. Mount Roskill Grammar School offers sports, music and other extracurricular activities. Notably there are culture groups in Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Kapa haka, Tongan, Samoan, Tokelauan, Niuean and Cook Islands culture. The Indian Dance group won the 2007 Annual Bollywood Highschool Dance Competition

  • NCEA is New Zealand's National Certificate of Educational Achievement

    NCEA is a flexible and internationally well-recognized qualification, consisting of both internal assessments and external assessments to cater for different learning styles. Students sitting NCEA are assessed throughout the year with assignments, practical assessments, presentations, examinations, and project work.